Great Dane Requests A Morning Hug From His Mom

Despite his size, Kernel is still a lap dog at heart.

Kernel is a gentle giant with a heart as big as his body.

This lovable Great Dane weighs in at 175 pounds and adores nothing more than snuggling with his mom.

Kernel and his mom have a morning routine that involves hugging each other before they start their day.

When his mom forgot to hug him due to the rush one morning, Kernel was persistent.

“So, this particular morning, I was in a hurry and missed giving him his customary morning hug. After our hike, when we returned home, I discovered him sitting on the couch, whimpering at me.

Despite his large size, Kernel seems to believe he’s a lapdog, and he’ll snuggle up anywhere he wants, frequently requesting hugs and cuddles from his mom, Alyssa.

This highlights the gentle nature of Great Danes. According to Hill’s, they’re “gentle giants,” moderately playful, and good with children.

Just look at Kernel’s face! Great Danes are so charming and lovable that once you’ve experienced their affectionate nature, any fear or intimidation you might have had will seem silly.

Alyssa affectionately refers to Kernel as a “mama’s boy.”

She believes that Kernel can sense her energy and follows her lead. If she’s dancing around and being active, he’ll join in and start dancing as well.

“If I’m really relaxed, he stays quiet.”

However, according to Kernel’s mom, the dog’s biggest skill is bringing joy to everyone in his company.

“My dad wants his attention so much that he’ll say, ‘You can do anything to me. I belong to you.’”

Kernel is adored by all who know him. He not only enjoys receiving love and attention, but he also ensures that his family receives an abundance of love from him. Moreover, due to his loving personality, he has no qualms about sharing his affection with strangers. “I shared that I previously worked at Boston Children’s Hospital and was interested in befriending a patient who Kernel and I could visit. A person responded, ‘I have a patient who is currently in Boston. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to meet her.’”

The kind-hearted giant also brings joy to patients, particularly a young girl who brightens up every time she learns that the dog is scheduled to visit her. Since the intelligent and well-behaved Great Dane is healthy and happy, Alyssa decided to train him to become a service dog.

Now, he is proficient in giving gentle licks, nudges, hugs, and even deep pressure therapy! That weight is indeed useful. Alyssa cherishes Kernel so much that she refers to him as “the boy that makes my world turn.” She also dislikes being away from him.

“I dislike leaving him. I’m not interested in traveling abroad or anything because I’d be without my dog for a few weeks.”

Kernel is an endearing dog who knows how to spread love and make everyone happy. He is a big sweetheart indeed.

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