he Canine was brought to a shelter when it was 19 years old, and with only one month left to live, the girls made the Dog’s final days special

The women assure that the dog will not remain in the shelter for the remainder of its life.

Older dogs at the shelter are often overlooked by adopters, but these animals also require love and care in their twilight years.

Thanks to the dedication of two friends who offered her a temporary home and made her final days unforgettable, one elderly canine is leaving this world with a bang.

According to 9News, Dallas resident Lauren Siler discovered Annie, a 19-year-old dog in need of a home, after the animal was abandoned by her previous owners and taken to a shelter.

Annie had little time left, and it seemed that she would spend her last days in the shelter. “The vet had said she’ll be lucky if it’s a month,” Lauren told 9News.

Nonetheless, Annie’s story touched Lauren and Lisa Flores so much that they decided to take her in as a foster dog. Lauren recalled seeing Annie’s cute face while she was sitting in her kennel at the shelter.

The two roommates began sharing Annie’s experiences on social media and committed to creating a

The foster parents shared on Instagram that Annie would soon have the best month of her life at 19 years old. She would receive lots of love, be treated like royalty, and have plenty of cuddles, ice cream, and hamburgers. When it’s time for her to say goodbye, she won’t be alone in a shelter.

Despite the doctors’ prediction that Annie only had a few weeks to live, she is still alive and thriving months later, and is enjoying the time of her life.

Annie has received an outpouring of love from people all over the world, in addition to her two foster moms, since her story went viral.

Posts on her social media document the many gifts and letters that people have sent her.

Lauren told 9News that some of her Instagram videos have been viewed 4.2 million times. “We had to get a PO box for her fan mail,” she said.

Annie has surpassed everyone’s expectations of how long she would live, so maybe she’s still enjoying herself too much to let go.

Despite knowing that Annie’s time is limited, her foster parents are still providing her with the best life possible.

“We’re just going to let her keep living until she’s ready to go,” Lauren told 9News. “If she had spent her last day in a shelter, it would have broken my heart even more.”

What a heartwarming story. It is wonderful that Annie has such wonderful companions to make her remaining days so special, as every dog deserves a caring family to live out their life with.

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