He Didn’t Want A Dog But This One Stole His Heart

He wasn’t sure that he wanted a dog but when he saw her for the first time, it was love at first sight.

A dog named Elsie was waiting for her forever home while living at a shelter called Sunny Day Acres in Santa Clarita, California. She’d had a hard life and was deserving of a loving home of her own.

She was originally found on the streets of Tijuana, pregnant, skinny, and very alone. The shelter happened to be scheduled to pick up other stray dogs the day that Elsie showed up. They knew they couldn’t leave her behind, so they took her back to Sunny Day, too.

It was there that Elsie met her new family for the first time. As soon as she met them, they had an instant connection. Which was a good thing because originally, her new dad wasn’t very interested in adopting a dog.

He had never bonded with a dog like he did with Elsie before and wasn’t very involved in looking for a dog to adopt. But as soon as he saw Elsie, she ran up and stole his heart and he knew they were meant to be a family.

When they picked her up to bring her home, she went right along as though they were always together. They then took her to the vet for the first time and learned she had a few health issues as well as an old injury to her back leg.

The vet wasn’t even sure how she was walking on her leg but now they are helping her manage her pain with medications. Her teeth also needed to be taken care of because they were in such bad shape.

But once her teeth were fixed, she started to play with toys. She came out of her shell and began living her new life and trusting in her new family more and more every day.

She is the cutest thing and loves people so much despite once being a street dog. She is learning to trust other dogs and how to be a pampered house dog. She also loves the beach and loves to put herself to bed at night.

It’s hard to imagine a dog as sweet as Elsie living on the streets all alone. No one knows how she ended up there but she’ll never be homeless again. We hope you enjoyed her sweet rescue story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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