He endured nine years of illness, filth, and confinement in chains, while his unattractive appearance caused everyone to avoid him

This dog endured nine long years in misery, squalor, and restraints, causing everyone to shun him on account of his repulsive appearance.

The initial pictures of Socrates shattered my heart as I witnessed the nine-year ordeal he endured, plagued by illness, squalor, and restraints.

He suffered from severe mange, dehydration, and was a mere skeleton. His body bore numerous open wounds.

Despite having other obligations, I couldn’t bear to let this elderly soul suffer any further, prompting me to take immediate action.

The next day, I paid a visit to Socrates.

That feeble physique was unable to combat illnesses. He looked quite disheveled.

His visage was notably swollen, and his eyes were deeply sunken.

Despite attempting a louder tone, he might have been experiencing hearing difficulties.

Thankfully, Socrates was still consuming food, instilling in me a glimmer of hope that I could potentially nurse him back to good health.

We made all the necessary preparations to transport Socrates to the veterinary clinic.

Being inexperienced with cases similar to Socrates, I felt a great weight of responsibility.

I held onto a hopeful outcome for this individual.

Unfortunately, the test results revealed that he was suffering from bone cancer, which came as a shock to me.

Given the severe deformation of his ankle, it was necessary to amputate his hind limb.

I held onto the hope that the cancer would prove treatable and not metastasize.

Socrates needed an extended period of medical care at the veterinary clinic to regain weight and strengthen his immune system.

I contemplated the upcoming days that lay ahead for him.

Socrates has shown growth, gained weight, and now requires more frequent grooming.

His fur has grown significantly, reflecting his optimistic outlook for the future.

I familiarized myself with Socrates and provided him with meals twice daily, in the morning and at night, during his hospital stay.

Rather than preparing a standard meal for a dog, I made it especially appetizing for him.

Socrates was taken outdoors to observe and engage with nature, an activity he thoroughly enjoyed, as I could tell.

His struggle with illness seemed like a never-ending cycle. Over the course of two days, Socrates battled episodes of diarrhea and a fever.

Upon his transfer to Los Angeles for expedited bone cancer treatment, I harbored concerns about the possibility of him acquiring a fresh viral infection. However, he would always have a loving family.

Due to his advanced age, medical professionals decided against amputating his rear limb.

The collective wish of everyone was for Socrates to spend the remainder of his days in a safe and secure environment.

Despite the challenges, he found immense joy in walking extensively.

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