He was left by his owner and hit by a car, unable to stand and hopeless, waiting for help. Heartbreaking

I received a phone call requesting assistance for a dog that had been severely injured, to the point where he couldn’t stand. When he does try to stand up, he takes a few steps and then collapses. He is in an extremely critical condition, and we don’t know how he got hurt.

He appears to be wet, as if he had been in a river or some other body of water. We are currently at the vet, and the dog is soaking wet with a low fever of 37 degrees.

He is trembling, dehydrated, and has many injuries on his body. The vet administered warm fluids, and luckily I had blankets and a heating pad in my car.

I am trying to keep her warm. She broke my heart. I want her to survive, I want her to make it… It’s possible that she was hit by a car, which caused her injuries. She may have also been thrown into the river.

I’m here with her…We’re praying for a miracle. Her name is Dara. Please keep her in your thoughts.

It’s clear that she had an owner since there’s a collar mark on her neck. What kind of person would abandon a dog as old as her… She may have lived her whole life on a chain.

Dara is improving slightly… She even had a little food and water. I hope we found her in time.

After several days, the good news is that she is wagging her tail and taking small steps on her own…

After numerous tests, there is fluid in her lungs and around her heart, and although she is dehydrated, she cannot be on IV fluids as it may put more strain on her lungs and could result in her death.

After an extended period of receiving various treatments, Dara’s condition has improved, and I am providing her with all the love and care she needs with the help of the veterinarian. This is all she requires to get better.

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