Hearing-impaired canine that suffered from numerous bee stings was fortunate to be rescued

In addition to enduring the agony of being stung by a vast number of bees, he was abandoned at a shelter by his family following the incident.

The hearing-impaired Pit Bull was admitted to the shelter with severe, life-threatening blisters covering his entire body. The rescuers subsequently bestowed upon him the name Stinger.

Due to their inability to treat him, they had initially decided to euthanize the dog.

However, Carri Shipaila, the proprietor of LuvnPupz Rescue in Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan, stepped in to offer assistance. As soon as she heard about Stinger, she swiftly embarked on a nearly hour-long drive to the shelter to retrieve him.

Without hesitation, she immediately began the efforts to preserve Stinger’s life when, unfortunately, his family declined to take him. His stings, subsequent skin infection, and sarcoptic mange were all effectively addressed and treated.

Unfortunately, he ultimately developed the autoimmune condition known as Pemphigus, which would have a lasting impact on him throughout his life.

He will not be eligible for adoption due to the substantial expenses associated with his care, but he did find a caring forever home with a foster family and will continue to receive comprehensive care and therapy through LuvnPupz.

Ever since being left at the shelter, Stinger has made significant progress. His painful blisters have fully recovered, and he sports a magnificent white coat.

He is flourishing in his new existence within a caring household and remains an incredibly joyful and affectionate canine!

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