Heroic Dog Loses Life While Protecting His Family From Venomous Snake

It is well-known that Dobermans are among the fiercest guard dogs. They will fight to the death to protect their owners, which is why many people have faith in them.

And Dibakar Raita knows this all too well, as he will always be grateful for his protective friend. Raita had no knowledge of what was happening outside his home, which was located in the hills of Sebekapur village in the Gajapati region of Odisha, east India. But luckily, his Doberman did.

Four deadly snakes approached Raita’s house, putting his family in a dangerous situation. However, the Doberman did not hesitate for even a moment.

It seems that four highly poisonous hill cobras had approached the house, posing an extremely dangerous situation for Raita and his family.

Without showing any fear, the Doberman bravely fought against the 4 cobras for approximately 4 hours. In the end, all of the cobras were killed without harming any members of Raita’s family. Regrettably, the Doberman lost his life due to his severe injuries.

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