His swollen belly grew so large that he had difficulty breathing, and then he was left at our shelter during the night

The small and defenseless pup was deserted outside of our animal shelter on a cold January morning in 2023. Given that his abdomen had grown so big, it resembled that of a toad, we recognized that we needed to act immediately to save him.

After a rapid examination by veterinarians, it was discovered that the puppy was experiencing ascites, which is a condition that arises when there is an accumulation of fluid in the abdomen, causing it to expand.

Because many variables may contribute to ascites, it was clear that blood tests would be necessary to identify the underlying cause of the puppy’s ailment.

We met because we were concerned about the puppy’s chances of survival due to the potential for serious complications caused by the fluid buildup in his abdomen.

Thanks to the tireless care and attention of a committed team, the puppy eventually began to improve. His belly gradually shrank and almost all of the fluid was expelled from his abdomen.

We were thrilled to observe him becoming more lively and playful, as well as demonstrating an eagerness to explore his environment.

The adorable puppy remained affectionate and playful despite facing difficulties. He enjoyed snuggling with our staff and was always enthusiastic about engaging in playtime with his toys.

As time passed, we noticed that Pierre was making great strides in his recovery, thanks in large part to the support and care of the team. We monitored his progress closely and provided him with the necessary care to ensure he fully regained his health.

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