Homeless Dog Who Pleaded With Passersby to Purchase Donuts to Cover His Medical Expenses Passes Away

The heartwarming tale of Rex, a homeless dog who generated income by selling donuts to cover his medical expenses, gained widespread attention following his passing. Rex had been struck by a car and was taken in by Silvia V. of La Verdad Noticias.

To finance Rex’s necessary treatments, Silvia began selling empanadas and donuts, with Rex serving as her adorable sidekick. The community soon flocked to Polígono 108 park to meet Rex and purchase donuts, all in an effort to support his recovery.

Sadly, Rex’s health began to deteriorate, and he had to be urgently taken to the hospital because he could not stop vomiting. Fortunately, a kind woman offered to take him to an orthopedist after Silvia V. shared his story on social media. He was then transferred to a veterinary clinic to receive fluids as he was given intravenous therapy.

Rex’s condition became complicated, making surgery impractical. Therefore, Silvia began asking people to donate to help Rex as she had already spent a lot of money on his medication and food.

Unfortunately, the canine passed away as his condition deteriorated. Silvia took to social media to announce that the donations collected will be utilized for Rex’s cremation and if any funds remain, they will be directed towards helping other dogs in similar circumstances. Rest in Peace, Rex!

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