Homeless Puppy Lodges Herself In Undercarriage of Car To Flee From Attack

A homeless puppy being pursued by two large dogs sought refuge in a hiding spot that landed her in a different predicament. As per the Arizona Humane Society (AHS), a 14-week-old puppy was attempting to evade the dogs and “lodged herself on top of the rear axle of the undercarriage of a car.”

AHS dispatched their emergency technician Dan McGrath to assist in freeing the puppy, whom they named Gracie. Dan employed a well-known and effective method – food. Gracie expressed her gratitude to her rescuer by wriggling herself free. “As soon as Dan was able to safely entice her out of the vehicle with a little wet food and a lot of patience, she immediately repaid him with snuggles,” AHS shared on Facebook.

Fortunately, Gracie managed to extricate herself unharmed. She was then taken back to the shelter where she underwent preparations for adoption. Just a few days after posting her adorable portrait, she found her forever home and was adopted!

The Arizona Humane Society saves thousands of dogs annually. If you’re interested in viewing other dogs available for adoption, please visit their website.

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