How a unique bus in Alaska that collects puppies has become a popular choice on social media

Why walk when you can ride in style? That’s the idea behind the “puppy bus” introduced by Mo Mountain Mutts, a dog-walking and training business based in Alaska.

Husband and wife duo Lee and Mo Thompson put a creative and practical twist on their dog pickup service by utilizing a customized bus for transportation.

This bus is far from ordinary, though. In addition to the cute canine passengers, it boasts safety harnesses specifically designed for dogs. Each dog is assigned a seat based on their age, personality, and behavior.

Dogs remain calm in the puppy bus.

Mo, the co-founder of Mo Mountain Mutts, stated that there are particular sections of the bus that cater to different types of dogs.

For example, senior dogs are typically seated towards the front, while younger pups occupy a designated area known as the “licky puppy corner,” where they can play and lick each other to their heart’s content.

Mo Mountain Mutts’ playgroup consists of approximately 40 dogs. Once on the bus, the dogs mingle with one another and greet their fellow furry passengers in a friendly manner. They are then secured in their seats using harnesses.

Dog patiently waiting to board the doggie bus

Usually, Mo or Lee, depending on who’s working, will conduct a quick obedience exercise, after which they are given incentives for good conduct. However, in order to get the complimentary chicken liver, the dogs must remain in their seats until they reach their destination.

All 12 dogs do the same thing after being picked up from their homes. Lee and Mo organize these off-leash group walks three times a day, with Lee overseeing the morning walks and Mo leading the afternoon routes.

Mo is careful when selecting the walk locations, taking into account the weather conditions and the dogs in the group.

Mo always rewards good behavior

During hot weather, they choose a location with water access so that the dogs can quickly hydrate. They avoid steep inclines during icy conditions. When dealing with a big group of dogs, they steer clear of blind corners and tight spots. If a puppy is part of the group, they usually stick to flat terrain.

However, Mo makes sure all dogs have undergone trail training and temperament assessments before they are allowed to roam off-leash. She aims to encourage “good dog behavior.”

Mo Mountain Mutts not only prioritizes obedience and safety but also encourages fun and allows the dogs to be themselves.

Class photos like this started it all

Mo explained that she began sharing photos of the dogs as “class photos” for their owners to see on social media. From there, the popularity of their unique puppy bus skyrocketed, and people on the internet can’t seem to get enough of it.

It’s safe to say that their charming and amusing canine customers have become a social media sensation. In fact, one of their TikTok videos has garnered over 50 million views.

Greeting fellow dog passengers and finding his assigned seat

In the footage, the puppy bus picks up the dogs from their residences. They confidently step onto the bus and locate their assigned seats. (If you find this adorable, you must watch these dogs boarding their dog school bus after school!)

What makes the clips even more amusing is how Mo and Lee use the bus’s public address system to announce their furry clients as they climb aboard.

Mo Mountain Mutts also provides online and in-person obedience training, socialization sessions, and individual strolls, among other services. It’s genuinely a dream come true for the couple, who are still in disbelief that they get to do this for a living.

Watch the charming footage of these dogs boarding the famous puppy bus below:

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