Husky Discovers Ailing Kittens Within Container In The Forest, Foster And Cares For Them Until They Recover

This story is about a service dog named Banner who not only assists his disabled owner, Whitney Braley, but also has a passion for helping other animals.

Whitney trained Banner from a young age to assist her with a variety of tasks, such as alerting her to self-harm interruptions, retrieving medication, pulling momentum, providing guide work, helping with migraines, anxiety attacks, PTSD episodes, and more. Banner has also shown a fondness for cats, as he once discovered a kitten and helped raise her for two years.

Moreover, the rescued feline still resides with Banner and his owner, who has also fostered several other kittens over time. Recently, Banner discovered seven newborn kittens in a sealed cardboard box and immediately alerted Whitney, leading her to the woods to locate the felines.

After arriving at the container, Banner used his mouth to carry each kitten to safety. Upon bringing the kittens to Whitney’s residence, Banner has remained by their side like a father figure. Fortunately, all of the kittens were ultimately adopted into permanent homes. How wonderful! Please watch the video provided below.

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