Inactive Dog Lying Helplessly While Being Monitored By A Companion From Afar

Workers from Stray Rescue of St. Louis arrived to assist a dog lying still in an unknown person’s yard. Upon closer inspection, the rescuers realized the pup had a protector; she was being guarded from a distance by another dog. They were unsure of the extent of her injuries, so they gently lifted her with a blanket into the vehicle. Then, they shifted their focus to the companion…

The other dog had stayed close to the injured dog and was unwilling to leave her alone. The loyal companion accompanied the injured dog to the hospital, where it was discovered that both had been shot by pellet guns. These two dogs are very attached to each other, and Stray Rescue of St. Louis will ensure that they remain together in the future. Garden and Peony will always have each other, and their bond will never be broken! <3

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