Intelligent Dog Visits Texan Police Station To Report His Own Disappearance

When humans are lost, they know they can ask police officers for help. Similarly, when Chico the dog lost his human, he also knew the best place to go was the police station. In a surprising turn of events, he walked into the Odessa Police Department in Texas and reported himself missing like the smart dog he is.

In the early hours of February 11, the police officers were greeted by an unexpected visitor. Chico calmly walked into the police station, hopped up onto the counter, and put his paws onto the front desk. He communicated his issue to the officers by letting them know that he was “missing” from his family.

smart dog walks into a police station

Officer Rusty Martin was one of the police officers who greeted Chico. He stated that Chico did not appear to be upset about being lost. “We think he wanted to apply for a K-9 position after taking care of a Lassie type situation,” he wrote on Facebook.

The police officers gave Chico plenty of love and attention. Martin said, “We were all happy to have him in the building. We had a tennis ball and played with him in the lobby for a while. Everyone adored him.”

smart dog walks into a police station

Despite enjoying Chico’s company, the officers knew that they had to reunite him with his family. Unfortunately, Chico didn’t have any identification on him. The officers called animal control to come and scan him for a microchip. However, before they could arrive, Chico slipped out of the police station without anyone noticing.

Fortunately, Chico made his way back home on his own and was found safe and sound by his owner.

smart dog walks into a police station

Martin shared on Facebook that the dog’s owner responded the next day, acknowledging that it was his dog who ran into the station and then quickly ran out. The owner also mentioned that the dog lives approximately a mile away from the station. If you found this story heartwarming, please share it with others.

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