Is it necessary to deworm pregnant dogs? What kind should be used?

Is it necessary to deworm pregnant dogs? This is an issue that many dog and cat owners have been very concerned about in the past. In the following article, Kittyworldly will assist you in resolving this issue.
Many people believe that deworming pregnant dogs puts the fetus at risk and causes deformities. Is this correct? Is it necessary to deworm pregnant dogs? Which is the most appropriate?
Cats and dogs are both expecting. Deworming the dog during pregnancy is absolutely necessary in order for the mother to be healthy and absorb proper nutrition. However, many cat and dog owners become aware that they should deworm their pets only after hearing or discovering that other people are not being cautious enough. It is not advisable to go home and buy some deworming medicine for dogs to clean them during pregnancy. It is necessary to take the baby to a veterinary clinic for an examination and to obtain a clear prescription from the doctor. It is extremely dangerous to both the mother and the baby if used indiscriminately. If you give your dogs or cats a dewormer that is not intended for pregnant dogs, you should keep an eye on them and take them to a veterinary clinic for a re-examination.

There are currently many other deworming drugs for cats and dogs on the market, some of which are specifically designed for pregnant cats and dogs and are not toxic to the fetus while still ensuring the fetus’s safety. Pregnant cats and dogs will benefit greatly from deworming medication.

Why do cat owners deworm their dogs while they are pregnant?

Worms live in the intestinal tracts of dogs and cats during pregnancy, secreting toxins and consuming all of the nutrients, vitamins, calcium, and protein in the food, causing female dogs to lose their appetite and develop rickets. Affects the health of puppies and kittens in utero.

If pregnant cats and dogs are not dewormed, they will suffer from anemia, malnutrition, puppy growth retardation in the womb, and more serious miscarriages.
Deworming dogs during pregnancy was previously not recommended due to the risks to the pup in utero, but there are now many imported dewormers for pregnant dogs and cats. Deworming pregnant dogs and cats is both necessary and prudent in Vietnam. Those of you who keep dogs and cats for business, in particular, should be aware of this and practice it.

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