Is Target a pet-friendly establishment? Does Target accept pets?

You may want to take your dog or pet with you when you go shopping, picnicking, or to the park, for example. But how often have you wondered if we can bring our dogs into these stores? Can customers bring their pets into Target, one of the largest retailers in the United States? As a result, the following articles will help you learn more about Target’s pet policy.

Should you take your pet shopping?

Make sure your pet is trained and listens to you before taking it to the store. Because stores will welcome more docile pets, obedience is essential.

You should also think about the time of day and the time of day to go shopping. Is your pet tired, hungry, or thirsty after spending too much time outside? What can you do to make your pet happy? When will the store be less crowded and quieter for your pets? It all depends on the store you’re going to, so consider it before you leave.

Remember, you should never lie about your dog or pet being a service dog in order to bring it into the store. This discredits anyone who actually owns a service dog and shops because of a service dog policy. When in doubt, when you walk into the store, ask if your dog is welcome.

Especially since so many people enjoy shopping at Target. It is one of the largest retailers in the country, and the store is packed. Many people also bring their pets. So the question is, does Target have a pet policy?

Is Target a pet-friendly establishment?

Target is not a pet-friendly establishment. You are not permitted to bring any pets into the store. Pets are only permitted in Target if they are certified, ADA-approved service animals. Therapy and mental support animals are not eligible and are not permitted in Target stores, according to their policy.

Except for online stores, this policy applies to all Target locations. So you can still shop for your favorite items while cuddling with your furry friends at home.

Pet Policy at Target

Most public buildings, hotels, restaurants, and retailers in the United States do not have overly strict animal access policies. Dogs, cats, and other pets, for example, can accompany their owners into the premises and even pick up pet supplies as needed.

However, some stores, including Target, Costco, IKEA, Publix Super Markets, and others, have a “no pets” policy and will only allow service animals in stores beginning in 2021. Other pets will be denied entry for the safety of the customers.

This pet policy is consistent across all Target locations, according to Target. However, the policy may not be uniformly enforced because some employees may be unaware of it.

As a result, target customers should refrain from bringing non-service animals to stores. Individuals who wish to bring a service animal into Target should be verified or certified to ensure that they do indeed have a service animal.

Why isn’t Target a pet-friendly establishment?

Target’s anti-pet stance is not the reason for these stringent policies. This is due to the fact that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has strict regulations governing the presence of live animals of any kind in grocery stores. Target follows these rules because they sell food and thus do not allow dogs or pets of any kind into their stores.

Service animals are permitted at Target

A service animal can be any animal, but dogs are the most common. The following are some of the service dog breeds that are permitted in Target.

Service Dog for Psychiatrists

This dog can provide emotional support and act as a companion to help its owner avoid anxiety, depression, and sleep disruptions.

Service Dogs and Medical Alert Systems

These dogs can detect and warn of dangerous levels in an infected person’s blood. They can help patients with medical treatment in addition to providing warnings.

Dog Reactions to Epilepsy Alerts

When a person has an uncontrollable seizure, service dogs can provide 24 hour supervision. It can not only predict seizures, but it can also bring patients to safety and help them seek help.

Service dog

People who are blind or visually impaired will find it easier and safer to travel with guide dogs.

Mobility Assistance Dog

The dogs assist people with limited mobility by opening doors, carrying items off the beaten path, and pulling wheelchairs up ramps.

Hearing dog

These dogs are deafeningly silent. They touch their owners and take them away when they hear sounds such as a fire alarm, doorbell, phone ringing, or a baby crying.

Severe allergy dog

Dogs have a strong sense of smell because their noses are so sensitive. As a result, they are well-trained to detect allergies.

Why is it that Target allows service dogs?

Stores must not discriminate against people with disabilities who require assistance under the ADA’s anti-discrimination statutes. Customers can bring service dogs even though FDA rules prohibit animals from entering grocery stores.

What if I’m unable to bring my dog into the store?

If the store refuses to let your dog in, you must respect the store staff and other customers by following their instructions. It should be noted that posing as a service dog is never permitted in establishments that do not allow pets other than service dogs.

To protect the health of other customers, thep states that pets are not permitted in any store that serves food. So, if you’re going grocery shopping, leave your pet at home or mail it to a pet-loving neighbor.


If you truly want to take your adorable pet to a hypermarket like Target, you must first ensure that your pet is a safe service animal in order to keep other customers safe and avoid unnecessary hassles. Also, if your pets are not service animals, take them to “pet friendly” stores to shop alongside you.

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