Joyful Dog Is Enjoying Herself Immensely In The Swimming Pool

The climate appears pleasant and hot in Moses Lake, Washington, but Teal is solely focused on hitting the water in the shallow pool! She is overjoyed. According to her owner, she is an excellent swimmer, but her splashing skills are even better. We observe her using her front paws to kick the water, generating huge waves, and thoroughly enjoying herself!

After a while, she pauses her splashing to swim a few laps around the small pool to cool off but then resumes her water slapping. It’s akin to seeing a young child in the water for the first time. How wonderful it would be to be in the water with her right now!

“Is she attempting to excavate the water?” asks the two men recording the scene. “No, I threw a rock in there,” they explain, and it appears to be a logical reason for Teal’s fascination with the water. Regardless of the cause, we are delighted to see her having such a great time.

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