K9 Officer Gets Snout Pierced By Over 200 Porcupine Quills While Pursuing Suspect

Odin is a Belgian Malinois that works as a K9 officer in Coos County, Oregon. One Saturday, the highly-trained pooch was working hard with his handler chasing a suspect. The man was wanted for several felony charges.

Odin was ahead of his human colleagues and leading the pursuit. And when the other police officers caught up with him, they saw that the dog was on the ground in immense pain. Imbedded all over his snout are more than 200 porcupine quills. There were even some on his legs and paws.

Officer down

The police officers decided to suspend their chase and attend to their fallen canine colleague. They quickly took him to the nearest animal hospital for treatment.

Because of the immense number of quills, the vets decided to put Odin under sedation. The medical team then painstakingly removed every quill stuck to his body and face for the next two hours.

Although porcupine quills do not contain poison, they had to treat his wounds well for fear of infection. If not properly treated, the dog’s body might go into shock, and he could perish. Thankfully, the vets did a great job, and Odin was out of danger.

The sheriff’s office was so happy they quickly issued a statement. They thanked the medical staff at the animal hospital and the numerous people who rallied behind Odin’s recovery.

A decorated officer

Odin is a well-respected K9 officer who has received numerous awards and recognition for his years of dedicated hard work. He has been responsible for over 70 successful apprehensions. His fellow officers look forward to having him back on duty once again.

But that would have to wait. The loyal dog is recovering in his home, and his progress is doing well. He is regularly receiving antibiotics to fight off infection. But more importantly, he is surrounded by the people that truly love him.

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