Kind Family Adopts Terminally Ill Dog And Creates A Bucket List Of Fun Adventures For Him

A shelter in Georgia housed a former stray named Rusty. The one-year-old pooch has been there for several weeks and has been waiting for someone to take him home. Tragically, after a medical checkup, vets discovered that he has a liver shunt.

This condition, caused by a birth defect, means that the dog’s liver can’t detoxify his blood. This is because an abnormal vessel is pushing his blood flow away from his liver. The shelter was able to raise funds for his surgery, but sadly, the vets were not successful. Rusty’s liver was just too small.

They said that it was just a matter of time for the sick pooch. They don’t have a time frame though. It all depends on how long his body can last.

Finding a home

On the outside, Rusty looked like any normal and healthy dog. He loves to p[lay and leads an active lifestyle. He also adores toys and never shies away from socializing with humans or animals.

The shelter wanted him to live out the rest of his life in a happy and loving environment. Although he seems content in their facility, they still wanted him to have a family of their own.

The staff reached out to a nonprofit organization, which then took Rusty from them. They then did everything that they could to find him his forever home. But they made sure that any potential adopters would know Rusty’s condition, and accept the fact that he may not last long.

They also asked that he be given extra attention and be certain that he is provided the right diet and his medication is given on time.

A bucket list

A family from Maine heeded the call and adopted Rusty. They knew that he was terminally ill so they decided to create a bucket list full of fun adventures. So aside from attending to his special needs, they took the time to bring him to hikes, beaches, and many other activities.

The new family made sure that Rusty is happy all the time. Every moment of his life will be filled with love and excitement.

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