Labradoodle Pair Eagerly Work As A Team To Fetch Wooden Stick

It’s innate in our canine buddies to want to take a look at every new item they see in their surroundings. Thus, when more than one dog needs to do a single task, they end up putting their differences aside and simply work as a team to achieve their goal.

Thus, a pair of Labradoodles work as a team to bring back a wooden stick their fur dad throws in an icy lake. With the way it looks, both dogs willingly work together for them to have more fun with Dad.

Ooh, two Labradoodles and a stick coming my way!

In this amazing video, a man films the scenery of a frozen lake he’s visiting. Yet, the man isn’t alone in the frozen lake area as one can see the silhouette of two dogs approaching.

On and on the dogs go, eager to reach the man’s location. The man then explains to the audience that those two canines are his Labradoodles fetching a wooden stick.

Yet, the Labradoodles get sidetracked as they make a pit stop midway through their walk. While the canines watch from afar, Dad then explains that they catch sight of a large Bernese Mountain Dog in the area.

Dad, we made it! Let’s do it again, please?

Yet, as soon as they remember that they’re supposed to bring Dad the stick they catch, the dogs resume walking fast. The Labradoodles then run in Dad’s direction, eager to hand over the stick to him.

As soon as they reach Dad’s location, the doggy pair quickly make a U-turn to present to Dad the stick. With this, Dad praises the Labradoodle pair for a job well done.

Yet, the smaller of the two canines known as Dia wants to play with the stick first as she chomps down on it. But, the larger Labradoodle named Jaxx insists that they lower the stick first, to which Dia acceded.

However, after placing the stick, the playful Dia silently hints at Dad to throw the stick again. Do you think Dad relents to his Labradoodle’s wish and prepares for another round of fetch? Stay tuned and watch Dia and Jaxx in live-action below.

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