Little Boy Left Heartbroken And Crying In The Streets After His Puppy Got Lost

This story speaks about a little boy who was left heartbroken after losing his dog.

Ryder, the dog went missing from his family which left his owner especially the young kid heartbroken. So, the young kid went to the street trying to find the pup.

Jonathan, the kid, has been raised along with Ryder who was just a puppy. Since then, they have created a great bond and they do almost everything together. The incident happened in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, when Ryder went missing during a regular walk with Jonathan.

Since then, the family has been looking for the dog on the streets. An image of the kid carrying Ryder’s photo with a “Wanted” sign written on it went viral and many people showed their sympathy for the kid hoping that he finds his dog.

The family also offered 45$ (1,000 pesos) for whoever would deliver the dog.

Yesenia, the boy’s aunt, said that Jonathan is usually calm but he starts crying when he gets the feeling. The family went to the streets for 10 consecutive days holding the flyers with the photo of Ryder in hopes that someone gives them any information about him.

Thankfully, a kind animal loving family found Ryder and they took care of him in the best way ever as they knew that his owner was looking for him. When they know the dog’s owner, they will be able to give them the dog back in a very emotional reunion. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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