Man Couldn’t Hold His Tears As He Miraculously Finds His Lost Dog Since 6 Years

Losing your dog is the most devastating things that could happen to anyone as dogs are just like family members. However, one of the greatest things in life is reunited with your dog after losing it.

That’s exactly what happened with a young man called Mr. Franki, who lost his dog before many years. The man shared an emotional video on TikTok for the moment when he finally met his dog after losing it for 6 long years. The video shows the young man stopping his car after seeing his dog having a walk with another man.

Seeing his old father, the dog was a little bit confused so was his new father. But when he recognized his old father, he allowed him to pet him and give him hugs. The dog also started kissing his old father and wagging his tail. It was obvious that he knew who this man is.

The new father said that he found the dog a long time ago and adopted him.

It was very hard for the new father to know that his dog had been missing from his old father but he told the old father that they will take turns taking care of the dog which makes them both happy.

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