Man Declines To Depart From His 450 Animals In Ukraine, He Would Rather Sacrifice His Life Alongside Them

We are all aware of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, and we are all aware that during conflicts, individuals attempt to depart from their nations to ensure their survival. However, for this compassionate individual who rescues animals, the situation was different. The individual expressed their willingness to perish alongside the animals rather than abandoning them.

Andrea Cisternino, the animal rescuer, runs an animal sanctuary near Kyiv and is an Italian photographer. Due to his marriage to a Ukrainian woman, he has been able to reside in Ukraine. He stated that they have saved over 400 animals and would not abandon them solely for the sake of their own survival. Consequently, they chose to remain with the animals rather than fleeing the country.

He further stated that he has devoted his life to animals and will never abandon them to face death alone; thus, he opted to safeguard them. What an admirable individual!

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