Man Dedicates Their Life to Providing Food and Rescue to Numerous Stray Dogs in Thailand

Five years ago, one person’s shattered heart began to bring about a transformation in the lives of numerous street dogs in Thailand. He is now famously known as “the dog rescuer.”

Fifteen years ago, Michael J. Baines, a restaurateur originally from Scotland, moved to Thailand with his wife after visiting the country. The couple had previously lived in Sweden and started a restaurant business in Thailand.

One day, while he was at work, a malnourished stray dog approached him in search of food, and her pitiful condition touched his heart:

“It’s difficult to put into words what happened. The dog looked into my eyes and seemed to say, ‘Help me! I’m injured. I’m hungry.’ She touched my soul.”

The dog he encountered that day had recently given birth to puppies and was extremely emaciated. Her suffering deeply affected him, and he started feeding her every day. He said, “That’s how it all began. And then it just kept growing. I couldn’t bear to see dogs in distress.”

As per his Facebook post, “I come across them every day on my way to and from work when I walk my own dogs, who were also once street dogs. I just can’t ignore them and do nothing.” The Baines currently share their home with 11 street dogs they have adopted:

“I took these dogs in because I believed no one else wanted them. Eleven dogs is my maximum limit,” Michael said with a chuckle. “Twelve would be insane, wouldn’t it?”

Michael is deeply devoted to the well-being of the dogs and possesses a compassionate heart. Three times a day, he drives to different locations to provide food for the dogs, along with love and human companionship.

He fills their clean bowls with dry dog food, rice, oil, steamed fish, chicken, and homemade broth, ensuring that they don’t have to eat off the ground. While they enjoy their meals, he pets and showers them with affection.

“The dogs I take care of are doing well, although many of them still suffer from lack of food or medical care. Once a month, I mix deworming medicine into their food to help them fight against heartworms and ticks,” he shared with Newsner. In 2016, Newsner created a video showcasing Michael’s daily routine of feeding stray dogs, and the video was widely shared by numerous online platforms, ultimately going viral.

After the Newsner article, more individuals became aware of The Baines and their mission. That was five years ago and Michael is still tirelessly working to feed the stray dogs of Thailand. His unwavering commitment to the well-being of these dogs extends beyond just providing them with food. He also extends assistance to disabled and injured dogs. To date, he has funded the sterilization of numerous dogs and found them loving forever homes.

“Stray dogs are not the actual issue in Thailand — it’s irresponsible people who neglect their responsibility towards their owned dogs. These dogs do not get sterilized, and female dogs are allowed to mate freely, resulting in an excessive number of puppies being born. Many people purchase puppies because they are cute when they are young, but as soon as they grow up and lose their “cuteness”, they are abandoned on the streets.”

He shared a story about a dog named Pepsi. Pepsi had a caring owner but liked to interact with Michael while on his walks. One day Michael noticed he had not seen Pepsi recently and went to visit his owner to inquire about him. His owner shared with Michael that Pepsi had been hit by a street bike and could no longer walk.

Michael arranged for his vet to examine Pepsi and it was confirmed he had a broken back and was in fact paralyzed. Michael beseeched the owner to accept a wheelchair for Pepsi but the owner asked Michael to take the dog home. Michael did – his heart is just that big and today Pepsi runs everywhere with help from his wheels.

Michael and his spouse have also initiated a non-profit organization called The Man That Saves Canines, and have gathered funds and constructed shelters for canines. Furthermore, they have accommodations above their eatery, The Carrot, where they provide housing for injured and differently-abled canines that are unable to survive on the streets. Together with their team, they presently care for approximately 520 canines – 300 in the shelter, 60 in foster care, and 160 stray dogs.

In order to continue their commendable efforts, the Baines need your support. Currently, they offer assistance to abandoned, mistreated, injured, and differently-abled dogs. They provide medical care, vaccinations, rehabilitation, socialization, spaying, neutering, and facilitate adoption placements for the dogs.

As stated by The Man That Saves Dogs, “They’re genuine. They don’t deceive. They live in the moment. Dogs are inherently good!” These words ring true. Let’s commend these individuals for their unwavering dedication to helping helpless dogs.

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