Man Leaves His Own Birthday Party to Save Canine from Submersion in River

When Gabe Castellanos, aged 38, arose on the morning of his special day, he had no inkling that he would later receive widespread acclaim in the media for his actions. Yet, that is precisely what unfolded.

Gabe was relishing his open-air birthday celebration in the vicinity of New York’s East River when a disturbance from the aquatic surroundings caught his notice. He directed his gaze towards the source of the commotion and discerned a dog, black and white in color, battling to remain buoyant in the water.

As horrified spectators observed the distressed dog’s plight, Gabe promptly sprang into action. He swiftly made his way to the dock, removed his trousers, leaving only his underwear, and proceeded to don a life jacket before plunging into the water.

He swam towards the terrified dog and attempted to seize her, but upon doing so, she swiftly pivoted and bit his face and hand. Undeterred by his own blood and agony, he tenaciously persisted in propelling the dog until they reached the security of the shoreline.

Spectators erupted in applause for the pair, while a helicopter could be observed hovering overhead, overseeing the dog rescue. Upon reaching the shore, the dog was eventually reunited with her owner, and the harrowing tale of her tumultuous day unfolded.

Evidently, the dog, known as Harper, managed to flee from her dog walker, who was involved in a car accident. It remains a mystery as to how she wound up in the river, but thanks to Gabe’s courageous act, she was rescued from the brink of drowning.

Gabe credits his college-acquired expertise in surviving at sea for enabling him to rescue the dog. However, even then, he wasn’t able to avoid sustaining injuries. He now bears bite marks on his hand and face, and the impact from the dog’s blow chipped his teeth, necessitating dental treatment.

We deeply regret Gabe’s injuries, but we are incredibly relieved that Harper emerged unharmed. Harper’s owner expresses profound gratitude for Gabe’s heroic actions on that day, and we are confident that Harper shares the same sentiment.

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