Man Overcome with Emotion When Reuniting with Dog He Gave Up 10 Ago

A man was overwhelmed with emotion as he reunited with the dog he had to part with a decade ago.

Michael Sawyer had a tearful reunion with his beloved dog, Smokey, whom he had to rehome years ago due to difficult circumstances. He was accompanied by his wife, Susanna Green-Sawyer, as they visited Smokey, now 16 years old.

The moment Smokey spotted Michael, it was evident that he recognized him. The elderly Pit Bull eagerly approached Michael and leaned into him.

Michael offers Smokey a treat, and the two embrace each other tightly for a considerable amount of time.

Susanna captured the heartfelt reunion on video and shared it on TikTok.

Both of them are beaming with joy, and Michael is ecstatic to see Smokey’s happiness. Check out part 2 of the TikTok video.

Carina Ortega commented on TikTok, “The fact that Michael was responsible and found a loving home for his dog that has kept him for 10 years and counting is truly a blessing.”

Susanna responded, “Yes, I agree. Michael was very thorough in his search, passing on several options before making a final decision. He even went to people’s homes to inspect.”

Content creator Veronica marveled at Smokey’s age, “16! Sounds like his new home has been good to him.”

“So good,” Susanna answered. “I was impressed how the new owners sent pics and updates throughout the years. They were truly amazing.”

Marissa noted, “Awww, he remembered him. So sweet…”

Susanna responded, “Yes, Marissa! I was surprised. After all that time has passed. Guess dogs never forget, huh?”

And content creator Nikki Austin382 noted, “Glad he got a chance to spend time with him. 15 years is rare for his breed.”

“I’m so glad too,” said Susanna. “Thank you for the kind words.”

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