Man Travels 2,800 Miles to Rescue Pit Bull from Euthanasia

“I informed my wife that it was my duty to rescue this puppy, stating that I had to go and get him.

Mario approached his employer for assistance and was able to arrange a trip to New York to visit Hickory. Prior to his departure, Mario contacted the shelter to inform them of his impending arrival.

Despite the heavy traffic, Mario persisted in calling the shelter every day and even introduced himself by name after three days. The shelter staff recognized him and provided updates on Hickory, reassuring him that the dog was still available for adoption. After six days, Mario was finally able to meet Hickory, his potential new pet.

John drove a total of 2,800 miles to rescue the dog, and he vividly recounted his first encounter with Hickory. Upon arriving at his destination, John yelled out to Hickory, who was sitting on a couch. She was startled and jumped up when he spoke to her. John simply said, “That’s it, girl,” before bringing her home. Hickory started to wag her tail and began licking John’s face when they reunited.

The connection between the two was nothing short of remarkable, and their introduction had been arranged beforehand.

“I think he’s anticipating my arrival,” I thought to myself, as he waited for me at the shelter. It was an unusual experience. As soon as we met, we hit it off immediately. I had never had a dog approach me so closely before.

Once Mario completed the necessary paperwork, he and the dog promptly left the shelter and began their journey home.

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