Man, who was 80 years old, passed away after being separated from his beloved dog for 14 years

Ken Penda, who resided in a mobile home community in Hemet, California, was 80 years old. He enjoyed spending time with his dog of fourteen years by taking daily walks with him, and experiencing the unbridled affection and devotion that only a pet can offer.

On a particular day, the dog, named Zack, fell gravely ill. As a result, several neighbors gathered to assist in caring for him. Regrettably, Ken lacked the financial resources to transport Zack to a veterinary clinic. Consequently, Carol Burt, a compassionate neighbor, took to social media in hopes of locating assistance for Ken.

Fortunately, Elaine Seamans, the founder of the At-Choo Foundation, a rescue organization for dogs in need, responded to the request for help. She took the dog to a veterinary clinic where they discovered that Zack was seriously ill with a 6/6 heart murmur, severe arthritis, and glaucoma.

Regrettably, Zack passed away, leaving his elderly owner devastated. Ken tried to survive the pandemic, but it was too difficult, and he eventually suffered a heart attack and passed away not long after Zack’s death. It’s heartbreaking.

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