Meet The Charming Sheep That Thinks It’s A Dog And Happily Accompanies On Walks

At just 21 years old, Liberty May, residing in Marwood, Devon, takes immense pride in owning a Valais Blacknose sheep named Wilbur. Renowned as the most adorable sheep breed globally, Valais Blacknose hails from Switzerland. Nevertheless, Wilbur stands out from the ordinary sheep. Surprisingly, this endearing creature exhibits more dog-like behavior than that of a typical sheep.

As per Liberty, Wilbur can be incredibly stubborn and occasionally tends to be quite dramatic. Moreover, this little sheep adamantly insists on having things his way. Despite these traits, Liberty acknowledges that Wilbur possesses a kind and gentle nature.

“I believe he loves me,” Liberty reflects.

Both Liberty and Wilbur have gained popularity within their community. People frequently spot them taking walks together, as Wilbur is accustomed to being walked on a leash. Playing fetch with the family dog and cuddling on the couch are among Wilbur’s cherished pastimes.

As Liberty assists her father with the lambs, she sometimes gets the opportunity to keep a few of them. She has expressed that the connection she has with Wilbur resembles the bond one forms with a dog. Liberty considers Wilbur to be her pet and appreciates his cheerful demeanor.

“He belongs to a sheep breed that is highly adapted to domestication,” she explains.

“So he craves cuddles and displays affection just like a dog would.”

Watch Liberty and Wilbur together in the video below:

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