Mobility-challenged dog saved from railway tracks finds a forever home with his savior, now thriving in his new life

The canine saved from train tracks in Philadelphia has found a loving new home. One of the rescuers has decided to adopt Lucky, a pit bull mix, and now he is showered with affection from his new family.

In November 2022, Lucky was abandoned and left to die on the train tracks in Philadelphia. The poor dog not only had to endure being alone, but he also suffered from severe injuries, including a broken spine.

For two days, Lucky had to lay his body down to avoid being hit by passing trains, which further exacerbated his injuries.

Dog rescued from the train tracks.

Thankfully, he was saved by a team of rescuers from Philly Rescue Angels, Inc. The rescuers suspected that Lucky’s owner had intentionally left him on the train tracks to conceal the fact that they had injured his back, making it appear like an accident.

Lucky was promptly taken to the hospital for a thorough evaluation of his injuries. While he was fortunate to be alive and rescued, his spine had suffered severe damage, leaving him paralyzed.

The doctors discussed the option of euthanasia, but the rescuers rallied together to save Lucky’s life and collaborated on his rehabilitation.

Dog rescued from train tracks cannot walk anymore, uses custom made wheelchair.

As Lucky gradually regained his health, Philly Rescue Angels listed him for adoption. Despite receiving numerous inquiries from interested individuals, many of them eventually stopped responding when they learned about Lucky’s behavioral challenges.

This deeply saddened one of Lucky’s rescuers, Sidara Son. She had grown attached to Lucky and had been hopeful that he would find a caring forever family.

Lucky licks his mom's face.

Son recognized that Lucky deserved a fresh start, so she made the decision to adopt him. Now, the dog is truly living up to his name and relishing his new life with Son’s other canine companions.

“I brought Lucky home and he just transformed, completely fitting into the household; he was happy-go-lucky,” Son shared.

Lucky cuddles his new sibling at his new home.

“The other dogs adored him. He adored the other dogs. All of his previous anxiety and behavioral issues seemed to just dissipate. It’s as if he’s found his rightful place,” she added.

Lucky is now thoroughly enjoying his life with his new family. Son shared that he loves going on walks, visiting the park, and playing with his new furry siblings. She also has plans to take Lucky on beach trips, hiking adventures, and fishing outings.

Lucky happily go on a gentle walk in his custom-made wheelchair.

Lucky’s health has shown improvement, as reported by Son. He is now able to stand for longer periods while eating, and there is hope that he may be able to regain the ability to walk with his spinal condition in the future.

“That’s our wish,” Son said. “He has come a long way and is thriving, blossoming even. He’s been receiving a lot of mental stimulation, love, and training.” Son expresses gratitude towards all the individuals and organizations, including Philly Rescue Angels, Tiny Paws Rescue, and SEPTA transit police, who have helped with Lucky’s recovery and medical expenses.

Lucky tries to recover through training.

Sidara emphasized the importance of community support in Lucky’s recovery and improved quality of life. “Witnessing the community come together with love, support, and concern for Lucky’s safety has been a true blessing,” Son said.

“Credit and recognition are due to everyone who played a part in saving Lucky’s life, as it would not have been possible for him to have a second chance without the support of the community.”

Lucky is now happy with his new owner.

Now that Lucky has finally found his forever home, Philly Rescue Angels are relieved that he will have a happy and secure life, never to be abandoned again.

“We believe Lucky was overlooked by those people for a reason, because now he is where he truly belongs.”

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