Monsters Attached A Weighty Stone To Dog’s Leash And Threw Her Into River To Submerge, But She Survived

A lady was walking along River Trent near Long Lane, Farndon, on Monday morning when she noticed a dog desperately trying to keep its head above water.

A Belgian Shepherd nearly drowned due to the cruel act of some individuals who attached a heavy rock to her leash and threw her into the river. The lady was able to pull the distressed dog out of the water and promptly contacted Nottinghamshire Police.

“Bella was discovered with a carrier bag containing a large rock attached to her leash,” reported Nottinghamshire Police. “We are fortunate that a compassionate member of the public found and rescued her. Although the dog is still unwell, she has shown positive signs by eating, and we hope she will recover soon.”

The dog, named Bella according to her microchip, is currently receiving care from a local veterinarian. The affectionate girl is eating soft food and is in good spirits.

An investigation was initiated, and later the same day, two individuals were apprehended in connection with the case. A 32-year-old man and a 31-year-old woman were arrested on suspicion of committing animal cruelty offenses.

Inspector Heather Sutton, neighborhood policing inspector for the Newark area of Nottinghamshire Police, stated, “The people of Britain are clearly known for their love of animals, as evidenced by the tremendous support we’ve received from the public in aiding Bella and supporting our officers in their inquiry into this deeply distressing situation.”

A representative for the RSPCA expressed gratitude to the public for their assistance in the ongoing investigation, and confirmed that Bella is receiving proper veterinary care and will soon be placed in a foster home.

The police extended their thanks to the public for their help, but also reiterated that the investigation is still in progress. “Although we have made two arrests, we urge anyone with information to contact the police promptly.”

Those with additional information are requested to call Nottinghamshire Police at 101, referencing incident number 103 of 6 January.

Observe adorable Bella as she eagerly devours a bowl of dog food in the video below, showcasing her continued recovery.

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