Motherless Dog Takes Shelter in a Carton to Keep Her Pups Cozy

The rescuer knew precisely how to build trust with the mother dog.

Mother dogs are known to be extremely protective of their puppies. They will go to great lengths to keep their babies safe, even if it means sacrificing their own comfort.

This is precisely what this homeless mother dog did for her pups.

She resided in a cardboard shelter beneath a car with her litter of puppies.

In the video, you can see that the temperature is chilly, and the mother dog is cuddling with her pups to keep them as warm as possible.

Fortunately, a man notices them and endeavors to save them from their wretched living situation. It’s not easy to approach a dog for the first time, but he took his time to demonstrate that he meant no harm.

Initially, he offered some food to the mother dog.

You can envision how difficult it is for her to leave her puppies to look for food for herself. She began to eat and took food straight from his hand, which was a sign that she was beginning to trust him. After some time, he attempted to place a leash around her, but she was reluctant to wear it and bolted away instead.

The man then carefully moved the puppies from the cardboard shelter to a crate.

He did it gradually, so their mother realized he wasn’t causing any harm to the pups. The mother dog watched him from a distance until he had successfully transferred all the puppies. After the man moved away, she returned to check on her offspring and ensure their safety.

Once she was content that her puppies were well, she laid back down under the car. The man approached her gently.

After stroking her for some time, he eventually picked her up and carried her to a van that was waiting.

He delicately moved the puppies and reunited them with their mother in a larger crate. The puppies happily began to nurse once more, glad to be back with their mother.

One of the most heartening things about this video is observing the man’s tender approach towards the dog.

It’s apparent that he is sincere in his desire to assist the mother dog and her puppies.

The man is associated with Canine Rescue Shelter Mladenovac located in Serbia. It is a non-profit, non-governmental rescue organization and the most prominent no-kill animal shelter in the area.

He transported them to the shelter and ensured their safety, feeding, and wellbeing.

The man also shows affection towards the dogs and their puppies, showing them that they are cared for and loved. As one person commented, “This man is exceptional. He always treats the dogs he rescues with kindness and love.”

Another person said, “Acts of kindness like this give us hope for humanity. Great job!”

The mother dog and her puppies will remain at the shelter in foster care and grow together until they are ready for adoption.

Thanks to the kindness of people who care about abandoned and stray animals, this fortunate mother dog will have the opportunity to live with a loving family and not in a cardboard box. Canine Rescue Shelter Mladenovac is doing amazing work rescuing and fostering abandoned animals.

To view the video of the man rescuing this mother dog and her puppies, please watch the clip below.

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