Navy SEAL Bids Farewell to His Terminally Ill K9 Companion and Embraces Him in His Final Moments

Recently, Mike Ritland, a former member of the U.S. Navy SEALs, bid a proper farewell to his longtime K9 partner named Carlos, who passed away. Mike shared a post on Facebook where he described how Carlos had done a great job by being his faithful companion for 15 years.

After serving together for several years, Mike Ritland was able to adopt Carlos forever following the dog’s retirement. In a poignant gesture of gratitude, Mike wrapped Carlos in the U.S. flag that he had carried with him on every operation they had been on together.

To ensure that Carlos was comfortable in his final moments, Mike Ritland gave the dog his favorite food, steak. This act of kindness ensured that Carlos passed away peacefully, which was a very emotional moment for Mike.

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