Needy puppy trapped in drain weeping for assistance while no one is willing to lend a hand!

A few weeks ago, it was mentioned that the caretaker of this animal had gotten sick and been kicked out by his family.

He pursues onlookers, but no one takes him in.

We approached to assist him.

Accidentally, he tumbled into an exposed drain while running.

He was begging for help, but nobody paid attention and they all departed!

We took him out and gave him affectionate strokes.

If we hadn’t arrived in time, nobody would have been able to aid him.

We embraced him and gave him affectionate strokes once more, even though he wanted to depart.

We escorted him to a neighboring residence as he required a bath.

Despite being in a remote location, we managed to obtain sufficient water to bathe him.

That’s it. He was extremely hungry, so we had to bring him along.

These rescue missions are only feasible with your assistance. Contribute now; your donation could potentially save a life!

Provided him with fresh water and a substantial meal.

I’m starving!

That was speedy. He was an adorable young man!

He indicated his willingness to join us by wagging his tail.

wrapping him in a towel and heading back to the shelter.

Despite the long journey, he enjoyed observing his surroundings!

welcomed him with the dog’s preferred bone!

He embraces them all and ceases shedding tears.

He developed a strong bond with them.

We started playfully interacting with him. He puts in so much effort.

He experiences tranquility when he blows a whistle.

His face finally lit up with a smile! We’re thrilled to make a positive change in his life.

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