Neglected, undernourished pit bull currently on the path to recuperation owing to saviors

When an owner forsakes their dog, it is always disheartening, particularly when they are found in such a feeble state. Thankfully, there are compassionate individuals ready to step forward and provide these defenseless creatures with a second chance.

This was the recent scenario involving a pit bull that had been deserted while being dangerously undernourished and incapable of standing. However, Maggie is now making significant strides towards recovery.

A pit bull named Maggie was taken under the care of the Orange County Animal Shelter in Virginia on July 29. As reported by WVIR, a concerned citizen discovered her in a severely emaciated condition, weighing a mere 27 pounds—less than half of what would be considered a healthy weight.

On Friday, July 29, 2022, Orange County Virginia Animal Shelter released a statement.

Gina Jenkins, the director of the shelter, informed WVIR that Maggie “was barely responsive, unable to move, unable to rise, unable to ambulate.”

She stated that the dog had demodectic mange, conjunctivitis, and was additionally experiencing dehydration and lethargy.

Nevertheless, everyone remains resolute in providing this dog with the much-needed opportunity. Her online supporters were deeply moved by her story and generously donated thousands of dollars for her care, enabling them to reach their fundraising goal within a mere day.

Despite the fact that she still has a considerable journey ahead, the shelter expressed on Facebook that she is steadily making progress. We assure you that we will keep everyone updated on her advancements.

Though there is still progress to be made, Maggie’s demeanor has significantly improved. After enduring such cruelty and neglect, she has been finding solace in food and blankets, gradually settling down and growing comfortable.

She has made a complete turnaround. Jenkins informed WVIR, “It’s truly astounding to witness the transformative effects of love, care, and nourishment on an animal. She adores her blankets and takes delight in snuggling underneath them.”

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