New Jersey Rescuers Save ‘Kind’ Senior Dog Left Outdoors on a Restrained Chain in the Cold

A team of rescuers is currently providing care for a 10-year-old Rottweiler they discovered abandoned outside a residence in Neptune Township, New Jersey. The dog was found tethered to a short chain without access to food or water.

The Neptune Township Police Department came across the 10-year-old Rottweiler, named Coco, during the Christmas holiday. Following the discovery, the Monmouth County SPCA was contacted by the police to ensure the dog’s well-being, and they are now responsible for taking care of Coco.

“A magnificent senior Rottweiler named Coco endured severe neglect during the Christmas holiday. She was left abandoned outdoors on a concrete surface, tethered to a short chain, devoid of nourishment or hydration, and exposed to the harsh weather conditions when the pipes at her previous owner’s residence froze. In freezing temperatures, Coco spent three nights in solitude, bewildered by her surroundings.” An update was posted by the Monmouth County SPCA on social media.

The compassionate team at the SPCA rescued the elderly dog and transferred her to their shelter, where she received nourishment, hydration, and ample rest. According to the Monmouth County SPCA, Coco’s bloodwork indicated potential kidney stones and a hereditary eye condition that affects her vision, likely resulting from irresponsible breeding.

Coco will remain under the shelter’s care as she recuperates. The staff affectionately describes her online as a “gentle, devoted, and affectionate dog.”

The Monmouth County SPCA mentioned in their Facebook post, “We urge anyone interested in her to stay tuned to our social media and website for future information – this deserving girl deserves a caring home!” despite her unavailability for adoption at the moment.

As per the New Jersey animal shelter, the dog’s previous owners will face legal charges of animal cruelty, including harsh confinement and neglecting to provide necessary care.

The Neptune Police Department responded to a request for comment concerning the accusations, stating: “All statements will be issued by the Monmouth County SPCA.”

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