Orlando Shelter Dog Called ‘Ugly’ by prospective adopters, has now found a loving home where she is appreciated

Dutchess, a shelter dog in Orlando, had growths under her eyes that led people to call her “ugly.” After having surgery to remove the growths, she was adopted by a caring family following her recovery.

A story that started off as a sad one has turned into a hopeful one for a shelter dog in Orlando. As per a report by Fox 35 Orlando, Dutchess, who was a puppy, had to be taken to Orange County Animal Services in Orlando during the holiday season of 2022 due to a problem with her landlord.

She had facial abnormalities under her eyes in the form of small lumps on the undersides of her eyelids, which made it difficult for her to find a family.

Orange County Animal Services revealed on Facebook that the woman’s condition had no impact on her personality, yet people seemed to be unable to look beyond it. The shelter further mentioned that Dutchess was an extremely loving dog who greeted each day with enthusiasm and an unwaveringly positive attitude.

Additionally, as per the shelter’s post, some people who walked past Dutchess’ kennel made unkind comments about her appearance.

Some remarks received by the shelter via Facebook about Dutchess were: “She looks terrible. What’s wrong with her? Are they blind? How much would it cost me? No one will ever adopt her.”

As a result of the social media post by the shelter, Dutchess was able to leave and was taken in by Rescue Dogs Dream Inc. The organization then placed her in a foster home where she made herself comfortable by devouring a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

After examining Dutchess, a vet concluded that the growths under her eyes were dermoids, which are uncommon skin cysts that can be present in dogs from birth. The rescue stated on December 27 that the operation to remove the growths was successful.

Following Orange County Animal Services’ initial post about Dutchess and her situation on social media, which garnered a lot of attention, numerous individuals expressed interest in adopting her.

After her surgery, Dutchess was given the name Lena by her new family, who said that she was the kindest dog they had ever encountered, as per Fox 35 Orlando.

According to Rescue Dogs Dream Inc., Lena now has new parents who dote on her (her dad works from home), and she also has a new furry sibling to play within her own fenced-in yard. She is a cherished part of the family and goes on exciting expeditions and outings.

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