Pair Wanted Their 8 Rescue Dogs to Sleep Together, So They Constructed a Huge Bed

There is nothing quite like relaxing and getting cozy with your pets. However, if you are like most pet owners, you may end up sleeping in a cramped position while your furry companion sprawls out and sleeps soundly. But what if you share your bed with eight rescue dogs?

The solution is to construct a larger bed! Chris and Marisea Hughes, who established the Mr. Mo Project, a non-profit organization that assists ill dogs in finding their forever homes, are undoubtedly passionate about canines. In addition to their project, the pair has rescued eight stray dogs from living on the streets by welcoming them into their home.

In addition to providing their dogs with an abundance of affection, Chris and Marisea offer their furry companions all the luxuries of home, such as sleeping in their bed. As their pack expanded, so did their requirement for additional sleeping space. While they desired to allow all eight dogs to sleep in their bed with them, it proved difficult due to a lack of space.

To alleviate the cramped conditions, the Hughes devised a plan to construct a bed large enough to fit them and their eight dogs. They envisioned their ideal bed and then reached out to a furniture maker who shared their love of canines to bring their idea to life.

The bed was custom-made by a furniture maker and took half a year to complete, but the Hughes family was patient and thrilled with the final result. The bed is not only beautiful, but it’s also functional for both humans and their eight canine companions. It features two large mattresses and a six-foot-tall headboard with paw prints engraved on it. Stairs lead up to the bed, and there are even drawers to help the dogs climb up and down. There might even be enough space for a few more furry friends to join in.

Individuals such as the Hughes contribute positively to our world. Kindly spread their tale with your loved ones.

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