Person Rescues A Fearful Dog And Helps Him Regain Trust In People Through Affection

A Romanian animal lover named Kola Kariola was amazed to see a dog in need of help in person. The man, who devotes his life to helping and rescuing animals in need, has his own YouTube channel to document and share the rescues he performs.

The dog had become emaciated due to being deprived of food and water for several days. Initially, the dog was fearful of Kariola due to past negative experiences with humans. However, after being taken to a secure location, given a bath, and receiving affectionate cuddles and kisses, the dog began to feel at ease and secure.

The wonderful thing was that the dog began to come out of his shell and show his true personality after being bathed and given a comfortable place to sleep and food to eat. The even better news was that the man decided to adopt the dog, who would be joining his already-loving family of dogs. What a happy ending!

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