Pilot flies terminal shelter dog 400 miles to spend her last days with a loving family

Regrettably, not all animals in shelters experience positive results. Several months prior, an animal shelter in North Carolina discovered that Ashlyn, a gentle elderly dog, was diagnosed with cancer.

Pilot flying old dog to fospice

Despite the unfortunate short lifespan of the small four-legged animal, a pilot ensured that her last moments were spent receiving affection.

As Ashlyn became briefly saddened, she began to realize that something was amiss. When Ashlyn’s ailment was discovered by the veterinarians, she was so feeble that she couldn’t even run or play.

The dog had a limited time left to live, and the shelter was unable to transfer her promptly. However, one individual came to the rescue by unexpectedly intervening.

Paul Steklenski, the director of Flying Fur Animal Rescue and an experienced pilot, vowed to transport Ashlyn there as swiftly as he could.

The adorable four-legged friend had already had a pleasant journey.

Paul shared some charming and captivating pictures of himself and his companion soaring through the air. It took Ashlyn some time to adjust to the wind, but it is evident that she is enjoying herself. Whenever the dog became anxious in the wind, Paul would pacify her with cookies.

The pilot became emotional during the flight upon seeing how much happier this dog was than she had been in previous weeks.

A few years ago, Paul made the decision to combine his two passions, flying and animals. Since establishing Flying Fur Rescue, he has been transporting animals from one location to another.

Ashlyn beamed once again when she met her new family.

Tracy Lancer volunteered to foster the dog, a kind and compassionate woman who would ensure Ashlyn received plenty of love and attentive care. Despite this, Tracy was shocked to see Ashlyn in such a condition.

Ashlyn’s weight was restored, and Tracy made sure she received the best possible medical treatment.

Although Ashlyn had only a few weeks left to live, she is now in good health.

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