Pizza Shop Puts Images of Rescue Dogs on Pizza Boxes to Promote Their Adoption

Every year, an estimated 1.5 million shelter animals are sadly euthanized in the United States due to overcrowded shelters and a shortage of available adoptive homes. Additionally, a significant number of people choose to purchase pets from stores rather than adopting them from shelters. As a result, animal rescue organizations frequently need to employ innovative methods to facilitate the adoption of these deserving animals into loving forever homes.

shelter dogs on pizza boxes

In a recent collaboration, the Niagara SPCA shelter in New York partnered with the Amherst-based Just Pizza & Wing Co. franchise to garner widespread attention and promote the adoption of their animals.

Kimberly LaRussa, an event coordinator for the SPCA, and Mary Alloy, the proprietor of Just Pizza & Wing, joined forces to brainstorm strategies to aid dogs in need. Collaboratively, they conceived a brilliant and innovative idea to attach flyers of adoptable dogs to pizza delivery boxes, in the hopes of increasing their chances of finding loving forever homes.

shelter dogs on pizza boxes

Upon placing a pizza order, customers will receive an extra special and utterly adorable surprise to satisfy their hunger while also supporting a community organization. And the most delectable aspect? Those who adopt one of the shelter dogs highlighted on the pizza box flyers will be rewarded with a $50 gift certificate for the pizza shop.

shelter dogs on pizza boxes

The heartwarming campaign swiftly gained widespread attention and proved to be a resounding success. The community eagerly embraced the idea with overwhelming support. On the very first day of its launch, a six-month-old puppy named Larry found his forever home, and other pets also garnered significant interest from potential adopters. It is our sincere hope that these animals will be as fortunate as Larry in finding loving homes.

Kimberly was deeply moved, expressing, “We’ve received an overwhelming amount of interest and support from the community and beyond ever since the story gained viral attention on Friday. Numerous individuals are eager to order a pizza solely to obtain the shelter dog photo, and other pizzerias have even offered to display flyers on their own pizza boxes. Additionally, many people are tagging their friends and family to spread the word.”

shelter dogs on pizza boxes

The innovative efforts of both the shelter and pizza shop were highly applauded. Mary affirmed that the pizza shop would persist with their endeavors “for as long as it takes” to facilitate the adoption of every animal in the shelter. Kimberly also mentioned that Mary’s business has plans to include adoptable cats in their list of adoption flyers in the future.

If you find this idea inspiring, please spread the word to everyone you know! We hope that many other shelters and organizations will adopt this concept to aid every shelter pet in finding their loving forever homes.

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