Police Officer Provides Jacket from His Own Body to Comfort and Keep an Injured Dog Warm

Upon receiving a call that a dog had been struck by a vehicle, Sergeant Chris Howlett of the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Department in New York quickly rushed to the location.

When he arrived, Sergeant Howlett discovered the wounded dog lying near the roadside in a snowbank. He swiftly removed his jacket and covered the dog to keep her warm and prevent her from going into shock.

The compassionate officer then sat with the dog and provided comfort, reassuring her that she was not alone and that help was on the way. The dog was eventually taken to a local vet for treatment.

Thankfully, the dog’s injuries were minor, and she was expected to survive. Her grateful owners were informed, and the sheriff’s department received an update that their dog, named Rogue, would be able to return home from the hospital soon.

According to a statement from the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Department, “The family has provided an update. Her name is Rogue and she is being evaluated by veterinarians. She is doing well, and hopefully, she will be back home by Monday. The family has greatly appreciated the outpouring of support from everyone.”

The Sheriff’s Department shared a photo of Sergeant Howlett comforting Rogue, which touched the hearts of many. It was fortunate that a good Samaritan reported the accident, and the officers were able to assist the dog before she succumbed to the cold weather.

The Facebook page of the department posted:

“In times when law enforcement receives negative press, this serves as an example of the compassion exhibited by our deputies. Sergeant Chris Howlett was captured comforting a dog that was hit by a car. Her owners have reunited with her and are keeping an eye on her condition. Although she sustained minor injuries, she is expected to recover.”

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