Pregnant Dog Abandoned at Shelter Due to Birthing Complications, Tragically Loses Entire Litter of 21 Puppies

A pregnant mother dog was abandoned at the Boone Location Humane Society while experiencing complications during labor. The mother dog lost consciousness twice after undergoing an emergency C-section.

Fortunately, at the ICU of Iowa State’s College of Veterinary Medicine, she received meticulous care, including a blood transfusion. The veterinarians discovered that she had been intentionally bred and had been left behind when she needed the utmost care!

The veterinarians made every effort to rescue her puppies, but unfortunately, it was too late and all 21 of them perished. The mother dog, affectionately named Ruthie, will remain at the hospital until she makes a full recovery and is capable of standing on her own.

Nevertheless, the Humane Society is working diligently to identify the perpetrator responsible for Ruthie’s ordeal and ensure they face appropriate consequences. Please view the video below.

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