Puppy Overwhelmed with Relief Buries His Face in Rescuer’s Arms

A small puppy, subjected to abuse and abandonment, is now secure in the care of the rescuers at Stray Rescue of St. Louis. They promptly responded to a call made by a compassionate individual. The concerned informant informed them about the puppy’s whereabouts, hiding amidst a pile of discarded items where residents in the vicinity dispose of their unwanted trash.

An individual with ill intentions wrongly believed that the puppy belonged in that place.

The rescuers observed that “Chowder” had injuries on his face. “He’s such a young puppy! His eyes are affected, and he has puncture wounds on his face. Despite the hardships he has endured, he exudes immense joy,” Stray Rescue shared on Facebook. “Thankfully, he is now in a safe environment.”

As Donna approached Chowder, he joyfully wagged his tail and allowed her to lift him up. The kind-hearted individual informed them that certain individuals in the vicinity were associated with Pitbulls involved in dogfighting. It was likely that poor Chowder had been utilized as a bait dog and suffered bites from a larger canine.

The instant they settled Chowder in the car, he nestled his head in one of their shoulders, expressing profound relief.

“He simply nestled his face in our arms during his journey to freedom,” they expressed. “The mere idea of someone mistreating him brings tears to our eyes. This precious being is in need of our care. We are immensely thankful to those who took the initiative to call for help.”

After witnessing the poignant photograph, a compassionate supporter of Stray Rescue commented, “It appears as though he is transferring the burden of his pain onto the shoulders of someone who will provide healing! My heart is deeply moved!”

Chowder is now embarking on a path towards a joyful existence. Once he has received the necessary care and treatment, he will begin his search for a loving forever home.

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