Ralphie, the dog known for his “fire-breathing” behavior, was brought back to the Niagara shelter within two weeks of being adopted

A Frenchie with an energetic personality that enjoys doing yoga and playfully nibbling on ankles is available for adoption once more.

Ralphie, who is known for his mischievous behavior, has been returned to the shelter on three separate occasions. Despite his adorable appearance, he can be difficult to handle and requires a unique forever home that is capable of managing his peculiarities.

“We all remember Ralphie, the cute and sometimes feisty Frenchie. He was recently adopted but returned to us in less than two weeks. The adopter had the right household but Ralphie turned out to be too much for her to handle,” said The Niagara SPCA in a Facebook post last week.

“Both parties made some mistakes but they parted ways on good terms. He took his CDs and she kept his sweatshirt. She now knows that Ralphie is the handsome yet mischievous boy that every mother warns their children about,” the post continued.

Ralphie, aka “The Niagara SPCA Rebel,” has gained popularity on social media. However, the shelter director, Amy, says that finding the right family for Ralphie is still a challenge, one that can accept his behavior.

At first sight, Ralphie may seem like a cute Frenchie searching for a loving home. He wags his tail, relishes treats, and likes to have fun. He also has an adorable grin, but it conceals some underlying problems.

Although the shelter has received some criticism for referring to Ralphie as a jerk, they claim that it’s actually a term of affection. However, their top priority is to find him a suitable permanent home, and they don’t want him to be returned again for his own well-being. Therefore, they believe that it’s essential to be honest with anyone who might consider adopting Ralphie.

It’s important to note that Ralphie exhibits severe dog reactivity, and he becomes aggressive by spitting and growling. He cannot be within ten feet of another dog.

The shelter hopes to find a companion for Ralphie who shares his high energy level and can appreciate his spirited nature, even though he can be a bit of a handful.

Ralphie has had a difficult past. His original owners did not properly train him, and he was returned by his second family because he bothered their older dog. Although he has gained a reputation, his third home did not work out, and the shelter is optimistic that the fourth time will be the charm.

The adoption post stated that Ralphie had certain undesirable traits, implying that he was aggressive and could potentially harm other dogs. Despite weighing only 26lbs, the shelter made it clear that Ralphie was not an easy pet to handle. They urged potential adopters to take these factors into account and be honest about their dog experience.

To express interest in adopting Ralphie, interested parties were required to submit a letter detailing their experience with dogs, similar to a resume, to the Niagara SPCA.

Let’s work together to find Ralphie a warm and affectionate forever home. There is a compatible match for every pet, and we believe that Ralphie’s perfect match is out there somewhere. Please share this message with your friends to spread the word.

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