Recently adopted canine runs away from her new home and rings the doorbell at the shelter where she had been adopted from

The Animal Rescue League of El Paso received an unexpected visit from a stray dog in the middle of the night. Despite the late hour, the staff recognized the beloved pooch and welcomed her with open arms.

Previously, the dog known as Bailey had been a resident of the shelter, where she was known for her friendly and loving nature. Unfortunately, it was difficult to find her a permanent home, and she remained at the shelter longer than any other animal.

Bailey inside the animal shelter

Bailey was adopted into a new family just one month ago, and the staff at the shelter were sad to say goodbye to their beloved companion. Little did they know, they would soon be reunited with her.

One day, while out for a walk with her new owner, Bailey became frightened and ran away. Despite the owner’s efforts to catch her, Bailey was lost and could not be found.

Desperate to locate Bailey, her owner contacted the animal shelter where she had previously lived. The staff immediately took action, posting pictures and information about Bailey on social media in hopes of finding her.

Bailey waiting for her new dad

A dog named Bailey has gone missing in the Mesa and Sunland Park area of the west side. She is a friendly dog and can be easily approached. If you happen to see her, please contact the number provided.

Numerous reports of Bailey being spotted began coming in, with many kind individuals providing information about her last known whereabouts. As the sightings continued, it appeared that Bailey was moving closer and closer to her former home at the animal shelter. The staff began to suspect that she may be trying to find her way back to her old stomping grounds.

Bailey while waiting for her dad

Loreta Hyde, the founder of the Animal Rescue League, had a strong intuition that Bailey may be returning to the shelter. “I just had a feeling that she was on her way back here,” Hyde recalled.

As it turned out, Hyde’s premonition was correct. Several days after Bailey had gone missing, the staff of the animal shelter received an alert from their doorbell camera in the middle of the night. The footage showed a dog waiting outside the shelter, looking to be let in.

Bailey rings the doorbell of the animal shelter

According to Hyde, one of their staff members saw the dog on the doorbell camera and wondered if it was Bailey. The staff member called out Bailey’s name through the doorbell camera, and the dog responded by looking directly at the camera.

The staff member rushed to the shelter to check on Bailey and let her inside. Although they were not entirely surprised that Bailey had returned to the shelter, they were impressed by her ability to find her way back. Bailey had been last seen two miles away, and yet she was able to navigate her way to the shelter with precision.

Hyde commented on Bailey’s intelligence, noting that dogs are often much smarter than we give them credit for.

Bailey is tired and hungry

Upon seeing Bailey again, the staff at the shelter were overjoyed. Bailey appeared to be exhausted and famished from her arduous journey, so they gave her food, water, and a warm place to rest. According to Hyde, Bailey consumed a large serving of food and slept soundly throughout the morning.

Hyde acknowledged that Bailey has developed a strong attachment to her new family, and that they had gone to great lengths to search for her. However, she also recognized that Bailey had spent a considerable amount of time at the shelter and still considered it to be her true home.

Bailey is excited to see her dad again

This event confirmed that the animal shelter holds a special place in Bailey’s heart. Hyde recounted how they had informed Bailey’s new owner of her return, and he had rushed over to the shelter as soon as possible.

Bailey was joyfully reunited with her new owner and returned to her rightful home. Hyde emphasized that Bailey’s new family is always welcome to visit the shelter, and that they have a mutual appreciation for each other. She expressed confidence that they will return for a visit, saying, “I just know they will.”

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