Reformed German Shepherd Set To Be Euthanized, Transforms His Behavior After Forming Close Bond With a Goose

German shepherds are incredible dogs that are filled with affection and devotion. They are recognized for their courage and unwavering loyalty as companions, always yearning to be by their owners’ side. It’s difficult to fathom that there are individuals who would mistreat them, but unfortunately, such cases exist.

Rex was one such canine who endured abuse and was abandoned, left chained in a scrap yard by his owner. Eight years ago, he was fortunate to find his way to the Puriton Horse and Animal Rescue, where he was rescued from euthanasia following a series of bites at an animal shelter.

Upon arriving at the rescue, Rex was unhappy and displayed aggressive behavior. It took the efforts of two individuals to feed him: one to divert his attention and another to toss his food into his kennel. Rex’s situation seemed grim.

However, one fateful day, everything changed in the most extraordinary manner.

A gander named Geraldine arrived at the rescue. For the gander and German shepherd, it was love at first sight. The staff anticipated Rex to exhibit aggression towards Geraldine, but to their surprise, when they approached each other, Rex displayed remarkable fondness towards her.

The gander and dog became such close friends that they even nap together. Now the staff permits them to roam freely as a pair and were astonished by the unlikely bond formed between a cantankerous goose and a disgruntled dog.

“It’s quite amusing to witness them since they have an immense affection for each other,” expressed Sheila Brislin, who oversees the center located near Bridgwater, Somerset.

The duo now embark on walks together and lavish each other with affection. Geraldine has transformed Rex into a different dog.

“Geraldine happily accompanies him throughout the day, and whenever we take him for a walk in the woods, she insists on joining too.

“They display great affection towards each other, with Rex frequently licking her head. They cuddle together and share a bed every night.

“Normally, any bird crossing his path would have become his meal by now, given his nature, but Geraldine is an exception.

“I’ve been involved in rescue work since 1997 and witnessed all sorts of peculiar animal behaviors, but nothing quite like this.”

The shelter staff thoroughly enjoys observing the bond between Rex and Geraldine, with the exception of Vera, a jealous German shepherd who feels envious of their relationship.

“Geraldine strongly dislikes Vera and makes it evident that Rex belongs to her,” Sheila explained. “She becomes aggressive if Vera approaches, and Vera is afraid of her. We’ve been showering Vera with plenty of cuddles and attention to ensure she doesn’t feel excluded.”

We are so happy that Rex is now a happier dog and found a best friend.  Please share their amazing story with your family and friends.

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