Remarkable Scene as a Parent Dog Struggles to Rescue Her Young One from the Depths of a Gully

In the footage, the mother and all of her puppies can be seen crossing the ditch without incident, except for one little dog who was struggling and on the verge of falling in.

The big retriever cautiously approached the edge of the ditch.

But as the pup struggled to climb up, the mother reached down and firmly grabbed him by the ear.

The mother dog and her pup worked together to climb the slope. Although it was not very steep, it was still risky for the frightened puppy as it could have been washed away by the swift current of the gully.

The puppy and its mother were able to overcome the obstacle they encountered in order to continue their journey.

The instinct to protect one’s offspring is evident across all species, and a mother’s love knows no bounds, even in the most challenging circumstances.

This is the amazing moment when a mother dog courageously tried to save her puppy after it fell into a ditch. In the video clip below, a Golden Retriever can be seen trying to pull one of her puppies out of a ditch.

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