Rescued Pup With Trauma From Dogfighting Ring Is Gradually Regaining Trust In Humans

Regrettably, dogfighting remains a significant issue in this nation, despite efforts to prevent it through legislation.

Individuals who operate dogfighting rings often possess dozens, if not hundreds, of dogs and subject them to horrendous living conditions. These dogs, which are commonly pit bulls, are usually kept outdoors, tied up, and denied proper medical attention.

They are coerced to exhibit aggression toward each other in the dogfighting ring, where submissive dogs are brutally attacked and beaten. Once those injured dogs are declared unsuitable for fighting, they are typically left there to perish.

Fortunately, organizations such as Humane Society International and the Humane Society of the United States are diligently rescuing as many of these unfortunate dogs as they can while partnering with law enforcement to prosecute their owners to the maximum extent of the law.

Olivia is a dog that was rescued from a miserable life of dogfighting. Along with 274 other dogs, she was being used in a dogfighting operation in South Carolina.

Rescuers could tell from her wounds that she had been involved in at least two fights before they saved her.

When Olivia was discovered, she was extremely skinny and tied up to a tree outside with no access to food or water.

She went through significant physical and emotional harm, but the rescuers committed themselves to helping her recover.

Observing love and attention for the first time, Olivia is starting to regain faith in humans. Although her development is gradual, it is consistent, and rescuers are optimistic that she will make a full recovery soon.

Her transformation is already amazing, and you shouldn’t miss it! Seeing her now, you would never guess the awful life she used to have.

Check out her story in the video below:

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