Rescuers halt to remove the dog’s body from the road and discover that the animal is still breathing

While driving, the Kartavya Society rescue team discovered the carcass of a dog on the road. Despite their belief that the dog had been struck by a vehicle, they resolved to move the body and offer the animal a dignified burial, as per their Instagram post.

Several vehicles continued to pass over the inert body until the rescuers hurried to pick it up. To their surprise, they discovered that the dog was still breathing!

Regrettably, the animal was insensible and severely distressed, yet no one had bothered to inspect it. The rescuers quickly conveyed the dog to the clinic for urgent treatment, and incredibly, the dog was expected to recover.

After suffering head trauma, the dog required some tender loving care, but fortunately, his spine was undamaged, meaning he would be able to walk and resume normal life after receiving the necessary help.

Given the circumstances, the rescuers chose to name the pup Miracle, as it was a true miracle that he survived the ordeal. Nobody knows how many cars passed over him while he lay there dazed and confused, but it is truly remarkable that he wasn’t run over or hit more severely.

Miracle has found a new home at the Kartavya Society, where he will live permanently and never have to worry about living on the streets again.

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